Sisterhood – Women Supporting Women In Business

Article by – Jija Jose

Do women have a nurturing mentality towards Sisterhood – Women Supporting Women In Business?

The CrunchBase Women in Venture report reveals that women in the venture capital industry do not necessarily impact female founders. Whereas, small businesses by women owners or with a high percentage of female partners, look out for helping out their own. women supporting women in business are yet to be prioritized. And it has to begin from the female community themselves.

How often have we seen educated women take a step back in career post marriage and motherhood? Most women have either experienced it themselves or been witness to others. It has become a societal norm to such an extent that it has become a part of a woman’s life cycle. Choosing to work or not, is a personal choice and deserves respect.  Be it as a content stay-at-home mom or as a working mom pursuing a 9 to 5 job.


Sisterhood amongst women in business is the answer for wholesome empowerment. A companionship among women to support one another, giving way for mutual growth. This is to say it does not always have to be about survival of the fittest. When it comes to helping you evolve as a person, women around you play the biggest role. Be it the ladies in your friend’s circle, work, family, or even strangers on social media. Some may go out of their way to support you to bigger heights, while others may act indifferent. 


More than the healthy competition, it is a healthy collaboration that can reap benefits. Constructive feedback between women can work wonders for improvement without belittling. Mutual respect without any bias is essential. The same strategy applies to women supporting women in business. Our success would be much bigger as a collective effort.

Sisterhood in business comes with the perks of females supporting their counterparts. Having more women in business paves the way for more females in the workplace. When you know the challenges of patriarchy in business, it is only natural to help others.

Higher female representation in organizations also gives way to gender equality. Where women are not overlooked for being too maternal to take on strong leadership roles. We have many such women leaders on the rise. Maryam Bahlooq, Indra Nooyi, and Meg Whitman to name a few. The world is changing but at its own pace.


Why Sisterhood Is An Essential Support System For Women


  • Stronger together

A collective like-minded community promises positive and faster growth. A group of women entrepreneurs can influence women in their community. And to a great extent at that. This could be through mentorship webinar programs. Or even a Facebook support group to guide women in business. To support and thrive together.


  • Women empowerment is infectious

When you empower other women towards being self-reliant, it empowers you as well. It is as rewarding as teaching students. There is satisfaction in witnessing another woman grow under your guidance. Immense mutual respect is the fruitful outcome of such bonds.


  • Open and relatable journeys 

Having gone through similar life experiences and insecurities, sharing wisdom becomes simpler. It is easier for women to relate to one another’s stories. It could even be something as basic as counseling women in overcoming life obstacles. For this, we must reach out as women looking out for one another.


How To Empower The Women In Our Community


  • Invest in women-led startups 

Ventures by women do not have as much access to funds as men. This requires maximum help from influential women in business. Support female entrepreneurs in networking and building up their empire.


  • Celebrate business wins 

A popular meme that came up this year was – “Instead of hosting baby showers, why not celebrate your female friend’s startup launch or business success?”. Business showers should be encouraged like baby showers. Both are joyful moments and deserve to be celebrated!


  • Encourage women in leadership roles

More female venture capitalists and influential women can ensure help for women. This not only increases female representation but also elevates women in leadership roles. Women are considered for non-managerial roles more than high authoritative corporate roles.


  • Build companionship 

Promote self-love, share your story, encourage inclusiveness, and healthy collaborations.


  • Coach women to resume their careers 

Reach out to as many women with aspirations as possible. Focus on boosting their confidence and extending the chain of support. Share your success and failure instances to inspire them to be resilient.


  • Spread women empowerment awareness in society

A lot of women in our community face stereotypical gender taboos and their pressures. An open forum encourages more women to share their concerns without hesitation. Employers must tackle gender disparity by increasing job opportunities for women. Especially women who are ready to resume their career after a break.


IBWL Group As A Women Supporting Women In Business Initiative


Back2Work4You’s IBWL group on LinkedIn comes in as a platform for women in business. It is a ‘women for women’ initiative in supporting one another towards success.  Encourage women to realize their true potential. To work towards financial freedom and career success.

This is a power pack of businesswomen working for women empowerment. To motivate more women into the league of leadership roles.  The goal being – Resilience, Empower, Thrive. Together as an empowered female community.

IBWL is for businesswomen to meet, discuss, and work towards a larger vision. For building a niche in the economy for women entrepreneurs and business leaders. A support system for mentoring women in attaining personal development and career growth. To not limit themselves to family obligations alone. But also lead the nation to contribute as women towards the economy.

The female tribe is a force to be reckoned with. Incredible things can happen when a group of determined women works towards a common goal. One that is of supporting and sharing the joy in another woman’s walk to success.

Let us build this network with Resilience, Empower women, and Thrive towards success.


“Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.” 

– Unknown


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