Women Entrepreneurial Services

Giving wings to your venture ideas


Women Entrepreneurial Services

Giving wings to your venture ideas


The birth and growth of Women Entrepreneurs in UAE and across the globe is a very positive sign for the business world and the global economy at large. Female entrepreneur’s today are coming up with great ideas that have the potential to make it big at the global stage, but the hurdles at various levels of the concept inception to the creation of the final product, make these great business minds sceptical about taking a step forward.

This is exactly where Back2Work4You will step in with our entrepreneurial services, to help these budding women entrepreneurs take the right strides forward and guide them through the entire journey starting from Planning to Execution. Most importantly, we guide you towards a support system for the right funding and investment needed to kickstart your business.

Entrepreneurial Planning


A start-up idea requires the right direction, guidance and well-definedbusiness planning to ensure its smooth execution. Hence we at Back2Work4You, through our collaborations with various market experts, go hand-in-hand with you in the planning process and analyse the feasibility of your business idea. Through this we ensure creation of a strong base, leading to a successful outcome.

Business Setup Services


After having created and planned your entire business idea, it’s time to switch on your engines and start the journey. In order to make your ride a smooth one, we have tied up with some amazing partners who extend entrepreneurial services to help you at every step of your business formation, inclusive of the licensing, legal procedures, resource developments, financial handlings etc. which would be provided at the best rates to support women entrepreneurs.

Business Expansion Services


Would you remain idle and wait on your business once its setup, hoping for it to do well? Definitely not! It’s highly essential to grow your business and your brand and ensure that it’s well-groomed at every interval, to have a stand out identity for yourself in the market, yielding successful results. Hence we have the perfect partners in entrepreneurial services to groom your business, who would help you in recruiting and updating your Human resources, Marketing and advertising your Brand, and keep your sales force well trained.

Financial Support For Business


For a business idea to be implemented, financial support for business is an essential component. Hence, finding the right investors to invest in your idea and have the optimum amount of funds coming in can for sure, give wings to your entrepreneurial venture. Back2Work4You, through our partners let your ideas reach the right people and guide you through the entire funding process.

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