Returnship Program

Making way for Women Returnees, through Returnship

Back2Work4You’s exclusive Returnship programs, caters to two audiences – Women Returnees and Employers. Through this program, we support returnees to find their way back to the corporate world. For employers, this is an opportunity to build a diverse workforce that is highly productive. A returnship program is a win:win deal ensuring growth for both parties. Through this program, we are also uplifting our society by reducing gender disparity.

Let us together work towards the Gender Balance Vision.

What Is Returnship?

Returnships are paid internships for experienced professionals on a career break, to get back to work. These are short-term contracts with an employer which could lead to a permanent role.

An internship-like program for Women Returnees looking to return to work, without having to begin from scratch.

A Corporate Social Responsibility initiative for Employers, to build a cost-effective and inclusive workforce. This drives the SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals) & CSR Goals of the organization.

What’s In It For Returnees?

  • Rejoin the job market after a career break
  • Financial independence
  • Regain professional confidence
  • Short contracts before transitioning into a permanent job role
  • Refine existing skills
  • Upskill through on-the-job training

What’s In It For Employers?

  • Experienced resources at cost-effective rates
  • Renewed eagerness in the new recruit to prove themselves
  • Wider pool of untapped talent to select from
  • New perspective
  • Opportunity to use the organization’s Corporate Social Responsibility credits
  • Candidates for flexible hours on project basis
  • Opportunity to find candidates on their own visa if required
  • Enhance your organization’s appeal

How It Works

The women returnees in the program will have an in-depth skill gap analysis during the screening process. Followed by in-house mentorship to become the finest in the marketplace. This way, the returnees are prepped to match the level of present corporate standards.

Confidence, LinkedIn profile, Upskilling etc. are the key areas for skill upgradation. Our goal is to make sure the returnees have a smooth transitioning back to work. We refine them so that they are at par with the rest, or even better.

  • Back2Work4You finalizes the Returnship requirement with the Employer

    Stage 01

  • Back2Work4You screens the profiles and provides the best profiles to the Employer

    Stage 02

  • Employer shortlists and Interviews the candidates for the role

    Stage 03

  • Company selects and offers and on boarding process starts

    Stage 04

  • Review of the candidate and decision if permanent role can be offered or not

    Stage 05

Back2Work4You MOM’s Team

As a women empowerment initiative, we practice what we preach in our own organization.

Back2Work4You has been working on providing opportunities for these women themselves. As a company driven with a cause, we strive towards building expert teams of working mothers. We are proud of the clusters functioning under the umbrella of Back2Work4You. These are women who are experts from diverse backgrounds.

Digital Marketing Team

Comprising Digital Specialists, Content Writers and Graphic Designers, the team provides digital marketing solutions ranging from content specialization to website designing.

Services Offered

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Logo Design
  • Ad Concept and Captions
  • Blog Writing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Proofreading

Profile Enhancements Team

This team of experts revamp your social media profiles and resumes to step up your professional identity.

Solutions Provided

  • Resume Building
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Cover Letters
  • Personal & Corporate Profile Videos
  • Products / Services Videos

Home Based SME’s Team

An exceptionally talented group of creative ventures run by business women from their own homes. This association is done to uplift and encourage women entrepreneurs in pursuing their passions.

Customizations done for:

  • Gift solutions for various occasions
  • Events, Exhibition / Retail stands
  • Interiors Decorations

An initiative towards Women Empowerment through inclusive workplace culture

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