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Back2Work4You is not only a platform for women to get hired, but a community who believes in your potential as a resourceful woman. We are here to guide you in every step towards career success – be it through professional development or personal development of the candidate.

Our strong foundation of Mentoring, Training and Counselling expertise shall be extended by the best business mentors’ team to support the candidates as required, identify where they may need upskilling and get them ready for opportunities. Our goal at Back2Work4You primarily, is to get our talented women placed at a job they deserve – in the shortest of time span and in the most efficient way.


We have tied-up with renowned and certified Trainers, Counselors and Mentors to accompany you in your new path and throughout the projects, as and when a need arises. For Women switching careers, career counselling will be provided so as to have clarity and ease in transitioning into a new career. Our chosen team of the best business mentors, is here to empower you, boost your confidence and be your positive influence to pave your career comeback.

A nurturing community of expert Mentors & Trainers refining women to be their best version at work.

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