Financial Support For Business

Guiding You, Every Step Of The Way

Present your idea

Fill in the form below, present your business idea and let’s get started. A plan is of high importance for seeking financial support for business. The goal is to get started with a business proposal, even if it’s simple and basic at the initial stage.  Back2Work4You, will then analyse the feasibility of your plan to ensure that your time and money is put to good use. Our role is to smoothen the process from planning to execution for a start-up. Most importantly, we assist you in following the right strategy for funds that is crucial for building your business.up.

Consultation with the experts

Our dedicated business support mentors will be right there by your side, to guide you at every step of your business journey. In this stage, we make sure that you have a strong business plan and the necessary documents in place to seek funding. The mentors will also advise you in the effective management of your resources. This is to ensure that you have a strong base for your venture plans.

Meet up with the investors

Based on your business idea and it’s feasibility, we will guide you through to the right investors who provide funds for new start-ups . During the initial setup, even in the case of a small business, adequate cash flow is essential. This takes care of research and development of your business idea. We will ensure that your proposal is convincing enough to the investors to attain the financial support for business. Our aim at the end of the day, is to help you realise your dreams into reality.

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