About Saritha Shaik


  • 2020 - Present

    Managing Director

    A vision based organization to Empower Women to Get back to Work after their career Breaks. Mentorship, Enhancements of Profiles, Revenue generation Support and Councelling. www.back2work4you.com Back2Work4You - Empowering Women To Work Again. www.back2work4you.com The concept is based on Women Empowerment which has Returnship Programs for Women as a major aspect to it. We are working towards assisting organizations to ramp up to hit the GBI’s (Gender Balance Indicators) which direct towards the Organization Vision. https://youtu.be/Tzfla_yf8_Q This initiative can also be integrated to your SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) and CRG (Corporate Responsibility Goals). Our Returnship Program will support and mentor a number of high calibre women. Their intellectual and Emotional Intelligence can make a huge difference in not only the non-managerial roles in an organization but also the leadership roles. We run the SMART-TAP Program through the leadership of our Consultant Team of Experts -Sales,HR & Transformation Leaders from the Industry What this is all about ? Driving Customer Service Excellence through right Culture and achieving Sustainable Sales through Scalable Business model. Contact us for more info : saritha@projobs4you.com


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