The Journey

Back2Work4You is a sister concern of the established recruitment firm, Projobs4you. This platform acknowledges concerns, tracks skills and guides women back to work and encourage hiring of mom’s at work. Be their support system to accomplish a sense of self-worth for the investments they have done within their academics and present them with opportunities to be at par with the rest.

From The Founder’s Desk

Saritha Reshma Shaik

I wish I could return to work.


“This was a common thought shared by the many efficient women I have crossed paths with, over casual conversations and get-togethers. These are homemakers with a bright mind and entrepreneurial ideas but does not have enough external support. The voices of these women would often run through my head, long enough to probe me to extend my vision for women empowerment, into a full fledged recruitment portal – encouraging women back to work especially stay-at-home moms to work from home. I had pursued my career having walked a mile in their shoes and being a mom myself, so I knew their emotions.”

An incident shared by our founder, Saritha Reshma Shaik.

Workforce Mirrors The Society

During the course of our extensive market research, our team found a very crucial fact about women across the globe. There was a considerable drop in women returning to work post marriage or motherhood, or owing to various personal reasons. When they do plan to resume their career, they are unable to get back to work as companies do not hire permanent employees with a long career break.

This critical information inspired our founder Ms Saritha Reshma Shaik to come up with a platform enabling women to work, be financially independent and self-sufficient – a vital role in building their confidence.

Our Vision and Mission

The outcome we aim for is to empower women to return to work. We hope to see the first tide of change coming in from Employers and Investors giving women opportunities. Empowering them by recognizing their immense potential and training their skill set.

An Empowered Woman can be it all


– a career woman, a mother and still ace life.

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